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Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Add it to your favorite your cornbread mix!

Blanco River Applekraut

Just perfect with pork or corned beef.

Cilantro Salsa

It enhances any favorite Mexican-style meal! 

Demon Salsa

Our hot new classic tomato salsa stars fiery ghost chiles. almost off the Scoville heat unit chart, just a touch makes your dish light up.

Fire-Roasted Cantina Salsa

Fabulous with corn chips or chili con queso.

Habañero Salsa

For just a hint of heat, use our popular salsa.

Hill Country Caviar

This black-eyed pea relish perks up pork.

Peach Salsa

It turns baked chicken or fish into a feast.

Pedernales Picante Sauce

The classic topping for cream cheese.

Texas Tango Mango Salsa

A taste of the tropics, Texas-style.

Verde Chili Salsa

Terrific  with tacos or corn chips.

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