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Amish Garden Dill Dip

If you love dill, this ones for you Saut‚ dry mix with olive oil, baste fish or chicken and broil This idea is also great over plain pasta or rice.

Cajun Swamp Root Dip

Makes our friends proud since it gets its heat from cayenne pepper For a gourmet appetizer, try Texas Bullets; mix well: 8 oz softened cream cheese, 1/2 package Dr Kilmers Cajun Swamp Root Dip and 5 ounces chopped dried beef Chill at least one hour, shape into small 1/2 inch bullets, roll in chopped beef and refrigerate Serve on toothpicks (can be dipped into our Cibolo Creek Cilantro Salsa or a sauce made with ketchup and worcestershire sauce) Spice up a red bean and rice dish, a pot of pinto beans or use 1/4 package of dip to enhance your favorite beef stew

Crunchy Onion & Garlic Dip

Not hot, just a good ol crunchy onion and garlic flavor Create a prize winning meat loaf using this blend in place of recommended spices or mix into hamburger patties before grilling

Merry Mulling Spice

This sweet spicy flavor is great on a cold winters night or for the holidays Mix with hot apple cider or serve ice cold mixed with pink lemonade for a special summer treat Create a sweet dip (mix with cream cheese and form into a ball) and serve with tart apple slices and/or animal crackers Kids love them this way! Also adds a special touch when a little dry mix is mixed with egg white and painted on top of your favorite apple pie prior to baking

New World Pasta Seasoning

Cooked according to package directions, a customer related that her husband claims it makes the most authentic Italian sauce he has ever tasted, second only to his dear Italian mothers sauce!! For a different taste experience, drizzle butter or olive oil over plain pasta, followed by a good sprinkling of dry mix over the pasta, toss

Spectacular Spinach Dip

Our top selling mild dip, serve with chips, crackers or even celery Dry mix cooked into mashed potatoes means you wont need gravy For your own special taste add to homemade soups (what a way to get the kids to eat their spinach)!

Tex-Mex Habanero Dip

For those of you who honestly love to be burned, this is it, especially if its made ahead of the party For a milder taste use half as much as directed Add to your favorite cornbread mix along with a can of drained corn for an out of this world mexican cornbread Also makes a delicious spanish rice or mix with pimento cheese from the deli, let sit over night and enjoy

Top Tex-Mex Chili Mix

Just the right amount of heat Our customers love it for their chili cookoffs Use less, if you prefer a milder chili For a chili sloppy-joe burger: brown 1 pound ground beef, drain, add 1 small can tomato sauce, 1/2 cup water, and 1/2 package Old Choctaw Chili Mix, simmer to thicken Serve on hamburger buns, topped with your favorite cheese

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